Welcome to my page! I am Koszika, a Transylvanian born and based singer-songwriter. I am in a constant search of truth, wisdom, lessons, sounds, colors, words, voices, tones, animals ...and my phone.
I have a band, the HotShots, and together we roam through styles, forms, genres, roads, sceneries, time and space. They are backing me up since 2011, and we have been on hundreds of adventures together.
I also play the violin and I love ethnic music, I am Hungarian, but I talk with my mouth full, and I smile a lot.

I am a triple awarded jazz vocalist, winning Best Singer, Best Vocalist and Best Vocal Soloist titles at international competitions.
I love words, melodies, harmonies, cats, rodents, cats, yes I know I already said cats once.
If you'll scroll through my pages, you will see just how versatile I can be: you will find here loads of music, of all kinds, all smells, all spices, reggae to bossa nova, hungarian folk songs to funky, soul to swing, pop to dreamy, classical to tango, covers, originals, protest songs, jazz standards.

I hope you will enjoy your stay.

If you ever get lost, return here. ☮

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