RO: Trupa Koszika & The HotShots s-a format în 2011 în jurul solistei Koszika, şi de atunci continuă neîncetat să coloreze paleta muzicală din Transilvania. Muzica lor eclectică cuprinde ritmuri funky si disco, armonii jazzy cu elemente de drum and bass, si influențe folclorice etnice. Piesele lor proprii și reinterpretăriile a câtorva melodii celebre redau gusturile variate a membrilor trupei, care sunt: Asztalos Zsolt - tobe, Éltes Áron - saxofon, Cristina László - pian, synth si backing vocals, Koszorus Krisztina Koszika - voce, Szász Csaba - chitara si Zonda Attila - bas. Împreuna au câștigat numeroase premii, iar solista lor este triplă laureată la concursuri consacrate de jazz. Trupa se savurează cel mai bine LIVE!


HU: A Koszika & The HotShots felvillanyozó eklektikusságával egyedülálló színfolttá muzsikálta magát Erdély zenei palettáján. Sokszínű muzsikájuk felölel saját daloktól a népdalfeldolgozásokon keresztül a funkig jazz elemeket, reggae-t, discot, vagy akár drum and bass-t, és folyamatosan új elemekkel bővül. Saját dalaik és feldolgozásaik is hűen tükrözik a zenekar tagjainak változatos ízlését.

A zenekar összetétele a következő: Koszorus Krisztina “Koszika” – ének, Szász Csaba - gitár, Zonda Attila - basszusgitár, László Cristina - billentyűs hangszerek, ének, Éltes Áron - szaxofon és Asztalos Zsolt - dobok. A zenekar számos díj nyertese, énekesnőjüket pedig háromszor illették “Legjobb énekes” díjjal az ország jazzversenyein. Kihagyhatatlan LIVE koncertélmény!


ENG: Funky rhythms, jazzy-bluesy chords, spacey reggae feel, ethno-folk and drum and bass influences are the most important words to say about this bands’ sound. Coloring the transylvanian musical palette with their electrifying eclecticism since 2011, Koszika & the HotShots grew to be an important protagonist of the transylvanian music scene. Their eclectic style shows just how diversified the taste of the band’s members are. Asztalos Zsolt - drums, Éltes Áron - sax, Cristina László - piano, synth and backing vocals, Koszorus Krisztina Koszika - voice, Szász Csaba - guitae and Zonda Attila - bass. Together they have won several prizes over the years, and their singer is a triple-awarded jazz vocalist as well. Best served LIVE!

Szász Csaba

Responsible of sounds and snacks

László Cristina

Responsible of keys and GPS.

Zonda Attila

Responsible of bass and other heavy duty machineries.

Asztalos Zsolt

Responsible of rhythm and jokes.

Éltes Áron

Responsible of solos and stories.

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The ninja of sounds, acrobat of the guitar, master of packing, self-taught musician Csabika is always thriving for quality and clearness. He's been playing the guitar for ten years, collecting knowledge, sounds and pedals, working to find the perfect tones. He is the orchestrator and harmonizer of the group since the very beginning, co-writing the originals, too, and providing the ukulele-background music to all our trips. Although he is the youngest and greenest of the pack, he is not without experience when it comes to music.

Having started playing classical piano at a very young age, there are really no keys on the piano that Cristina isn't familiar with. She is part of the band since 2011, strongly adding to the feminine power and to the vocal harmonies in the group. Her laugh is the ray of sunshine in a cloudy day, and  will definitely make you laugh with her - but only if she is sufficiently powered by caffeine.  She is also a teacher and a classical music performer, as well as a true cat-lover, that's really almost starting to be a criteria in the group.

Being a classical guitar teacher doesn't stop Attila from dropping the much needed fat basslines. He is part of the band since 2013, strongly adding to the weight and height of the otherwise slim and short group. He has the ears to count on when something isn't quite right in a melody or a chord progression, and he also takes on the heaviest notes in the band. He not only can walk a bass, but he can drive one, too, since he is the only one owning a drivers' license (or a car), living in a village, and working in two different cities.

Zsolt goes by the name Asterix or Aszti in the group, and provides the band with necessary rhythmic foundation for us to get our groove on. He also has an unlimited amount of jokes, that he usually shares in the car. Being a self-taught musician, he ventured in a wide variety of styles and genres, but at heart he is a true rocker. Constantly updating and upgrading his instruments, besides the basic drum kit he has all kinds of interesting percussion instruments from all around the world, that he uses with us when doing acoustic sets.

The latest addition and the top jewel of the group, Áron's versatiality and virtuosity adds a whole bunch to the band's sound. He plays with us since 2015 and travels an extra 180 kms to gigs, being a citizen of the beautiful city of Sepsiszentgyörgy. When he's not traveling with bands, he teaches saxophone to kids, and shares the best jokes about them with the funniest faces he can make. His main love is jazz music and he leads his own jazz band, the Éltes Áron Quartet, and  provides all his musical project with the best solos and funkiest fills.

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